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Niall buys louis a type if lotion that tingles when it is applied to skin. He gives it to lou as a present when lou comes home from a long time and they test it out smut! AND/OR 3 way of zouiall (smutty,sexy) its niall bday and lou and zayn have a present for him ;)

So I was going to do the first one and then didn’t have any ideas, so I did the second one…it’s my first OT3, hope it’s okay. (: Sorry it took so long! 

Warning: SMUT-ISH


 “Happy birthday to you,” two voices sing, waking up Niall from a rather deep sleep. He smiles as he hears the voices, even as he burrows himself deeper into the soft sheets and squeezes his eyes shut.

“Happy birthday to you,” the voices continue, and Niall feels his smile grow.

“Happy birthday dear Nialler. Happy birthday to you!” The voices finish up and are silent, but Niall knows that they aren’t going to leave him alone; if anything, his resistance to get up will make Louis and Zayn more insistent that he do just that.

And sure enough.

“I don’t think he’s going to get up,” Louis voice rings out clearly, and much to Niall’s disapproval, loudly. He buries himself even deeper in the covers, letting out a low growl that he hopes the boys will see as a warning. But, unfortunately.

“I don’t think so either. Shall we give him a reason to get up?” Zayn’s voice is just as loud, and Niall knows he should get up because whatever they’re planning can’t be all that good, but before he can do a thing the sheets are being ripped off him and he barely manages to open his eyes before someone (Louis, to be exact) is straddling and kissing him, and Zayn’s lips are on his neck, and he lets out a surprised squeak because it’s not exactly what he expected but he’s completely okay with it.

Louis pulls away from his mouth, leaving him to give a little groan of protest but then he’s attacking the other side of Niall’s neck and it all feels so good. And then hands are trailing down to his boxers, as well as the oldest boys lips, and Niall knows he’s in for a treat because Louis has a magic mouth. Soon enough, the boxers are off and throw across the room and Louis is stroking him and Zayn’s mouth is wreaking havoc on his neck and though it’s already really good Niall just hopes that it’ll get better.

Of course it does as Louis engulfs him in an extremely hot mouth and his tongue is doing all sorts of incredible things and Niall tangles his hands in the boys hair, letting out what he knows is a loud moan, and by god it just gets better when he’s turned onto his side and Zayn sticks two fingers inside of him although he’s not sure why because they just did this the night before and he can’t help but give another moan because it just all feels incredible, like they’re trying extra hard or something.

“P-please,” he’s able to mumble out, knowing Zayn will know what he’s talking about, and sure enough, the fingers are gone within seconds.

“Anything for the birthday boy,” he whispers and Niall growls in anticipation and then Zayn is pushing inside of him and the rest is history.

And though it’s barely morning, Niall is sure it’ll be the best birthday he’s had so far in his life.


(if you still want the first one done, feel free to resend it. (:) 

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